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CrimeWeb Rewards
CrimeWeb is proud to offer the CrimeWeb Reward Program to any law enforcement agency that is a subscribing member of the CrimeWeb Network. This program is provided free of charge as a public service by CrimeWeb Networks, to those agencies which utilize the CrimeWeb Network to distribute alerts to the communities they serve.

Reward Amounts

CrimeWeb will pay up top $1000.00 to any citizen who provides information on any CrimeWeb Alert, subject to the details and conditions listed below.
  1. CrimeWeb will pay $1000.00 for the arrest and indictment of any person(s) involved in the following offenses entered on CrimeWeb.Net.

    a. Abduction of a child
    b. Murder of a child
    c. Murder of a Police Officer or Fire Fighter while in the line of duty.

  2. CrimeWeb will pay $500.00 for information leading to the arrest and indictment of any person(s) involved in any felony criminal offense entered on CrimeWeb.Net.

  3. CrimeWeb will pay $250.00 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of any persons(s) involved in any misdemeanor criminal offense entered on CrimeWeb.Net.

Suspect information should be provided directly to the law enforcement agency issuing the alert via the email link contained in the alert or the agency contact information listed on the bottom of each alert.

Payment of any CrimeWeb Reward is subject to the following conditions:
1) A limit of one reward will be paid per Alert and/or incident(s), regardless of the number of suspects identified or informants who provide the information.
2) In the event more than one person provides information on the same CrimeWeb Alert, CrimeWeb will make the determination as to which individual is entitled to the CrimeWeb Reward, based on who provided the information first. All decisions of CrimeWeb are final.
3) CrimeWeb shall be under no obligation to pay any reward if it is shown that the identity of the suspect(s) was known to the public, the news media or law enforcement prior to receipt of the information from the CrimeWeb informant.
4) Law enforcement officers are ineligible to receive any CrimeWeb Reward.
5) The employees (and their families) of the jurisdiction where the crime occurred (or is investigated) are ineligible to receive any CrimeWeb Rewards.
6) CrimeWeb may revoke or suspend this program at any time without notice.
7) The determination regarding the classification of misdemeanor or felony shall be based on the actual charge for which the individual is convicted or indicted, and the classification of that charge in the jurisdiction in which the conviction or indictment occurs.

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